Where is the Simplest Credit Card Application?

Consumers have many options when looking for the simplest credit card application to obtain a basic credit card.

A rejection when applying for a credit card can be especially painful for a consumer. Applicants have a significant amount of information that is examined by credit card issuers. However, there are cards which will have simpler applications that are easier to meet qualifications. This can include people who have poor credit or might not have any credit history at all.

Secured Credit Cards

This is a type of credit card that is often associated with a savings or checking account. This means the borrower is not charging for something that cannot be purchased with cash. Many banks and even some credit unions will offer secured credit cards that only require a refundable security deposit. The credit limit is generally based on the size of the deposit. Applying for a secured credit card will mean an application is virtually ensured to be accepted. The next step for a consumer is to obtain a standard credit card that is unsecured.

First Progress Platinum Elite MasterCard – Secured

Applicants who have a credit score or any credit history can have their application accepted. There is a basic identity check that is required and a $300 refundable security deposit. A consumer will need to pay a $29 fee each year, but the card can be used just like any other type of credit card.

Capital One Platinum MasterCard – Unsecured

Consumers with just average credit can have their application accepted for this card. This card does not have any rewards and will generally start with a credit limit that is modest. A consumer may have a fee of $19 that needs to be paid annually after the first year.

The simplest credit card application is typically one that will have lower approval thresholds. This will be the best option for a consumer to obtain a credit card.