Limited or No Credit History Credit Cards: How to Find them

This is an article about finding several types of limited or no credit history Credit Cards.

Many websites can help you find limited or “no credit history credit cards”. Several cards including credit cards for students who have no credit along with several other types of cards and how to find these “no credit history” cards are discussed below.

No Credit Credit Cards

A distinguishing feature of prepaid credit cards for those who may be seeking limited credit credit cards is whether there is an annual fee included. compares “no credit credit cards” listing any deposit that may be required, whether annual fees are charged, whether there are any one time fees, (such as “processing fees) along with the interest rate the card normally charges. has a great article about the features and benefits of bad credit or no credit credit cards. The article gives the example of someone who had obtained a bad credit or no credit credit card and then later reported that by making the first two monthly payments on time their credit score quickly improved by 30 points.

Gas Cards for Bad Credit

Just like regular credit cards which are designed for bad credit, gas cards designed for bad credit come in several varieties. These gas cards for bad credit range from regular credit cards which simply accumulate points redeemable as cash back (later used for buying gas!) to true gas cards for bad credit. Such “true” gas cards could be either secured or unsecured.

According to gas cards often consider credit scores of 549 or lower as being “bad credit”. Not surprisingly, there is a regular practice of charging hefty monthly fees to cardholders with bad credit and these fees may be variable rather than fixed which is disappointing or frustrating to someone who is planning a budget.

Debit Card has a selector which is very helpful for identifying and pinpointing the best debit card out of 80 debit cards available to people with no credit or bad credit. warns that such cards are loaded with fees and other charges. is also useful for finding a debit card and the website recently featured cards that provide early access to government paycheck deposits two days before the money is actually deposited in the account. That feature could come in handy!

Credit Cards for Students With No Credit discusses credit cards for students who find themselves without credit. This website highlights cards that are offering graduated credit limits that rise as regular card payments are made on time. Regarding credit cards for students with no credit who are looking to acquire a prepaid card recommends that students who are wanting to build a credit profile should verify that the card they are thinking of selecting does in fact report to the credit bureaus since this is the way that a credit profile is built over a period of time.