Credit Cards For No Credit: How and Where do I Find Them?

Establishing credit can help you obtaining the things in life that you desire. Knowing where to find starter credit cards can help you start the process.

Establishing credit can be a frustrating experience. It may seem as if everyone wants you to have credit before they will give you credit, but no companies ever want to be the first one to help you establish credit. Thankfully, there are companies that specialize in no credit credit cards. Finding these companies is the key to starting to build a credit history.

Where To Look For No Credit Credit Cards

The first place that you should start looking for this type of credit line is with your personal bank. Many banks offer a small limit credit card to help customers establish credit. Some of these banks may require a deposit on the cards, however, to make them secured for the first year or two. Bank cards like this are very good for your credit report because the credit bureaus view these cards as “harder to obtain” than regular credit lines.

Large Credit Card Company Websites

Next, you should visit the websites of the larger credit card companies. These companies often have a page on their site explaining all of the different credit cards that they offer. Many of these companies have starter credit card programs for people wanting to establish credit. You should also consider some of the department stores that you frequent and apply for their cards. Some stores, like Sears, are more prone to help people establish credit than others. Additionally, you may find some websites that are dedicated to showing all of the different credit cards available on the market.

Take Advantage Of Any Rewards Cards You Receive

Once you establish your credit lines, make sure that you fully take advantage of everything these cards offer. Many have rewards programs that offer cash back on purchases or discounts if the card is used online. The Sears credit card rewards program, for example, offers additional perks like identity theft protection services and a way pay credit card bills automatically. The Sears credit card rewards program also sends out discounts and special price offers to card holders that will save you money on your purchases.

Always Pay Credit Card Bills On Time

One of the most important things that you must remember once you have established any line of credit is that your bills must be paid on time. In fact, it is always good to make sure that it arrives a day or two early so that there is never any problems with processing times. Finding no credit credit cards is not as hard as you may think Maintaining a good credit history once you have established these credit lines is what is important.

Having good credit is more than just having a few credit cards. It is also about not maxing your credit lines and always paying your bills on time. Credit agencies look at more than just how many accounts you have established. They also look at your spending and repayment habits to determine if larger amounts of credit can be extended to you in the future.