I Have Fair Credit, Can I Get a Credit Card?

If someone has fair credit, that doesn’t prevent him or her from getting a credit card. It might make it harder, but it’s certainly still possible.

Fair Credit and Credit Cards

Getting approved for a credit card means that a company is willing to take a risk on you based on your credit history. Someone with a fair credit history has his or her share of missed payments and late bills, but overall they’re seen as fairly reliable. While some credit cards, such as the platinum lines a company often offers, will be out of reach fair credit shouldn’t stop someone from getting approved for a regular credit card.

Compare Rates and Costs

While it’s perfectly possible to get a credit card with only fair credit, those with good credit tend to get access to more cards. Additionally, if you only have fair credit you’re likely going to have higher fees and different rates than those with good credit.

The idea is that because you only have a fair credit score that you are a higher risk, and thus won’t get the VIP treatment that other card holders may receive.

Improve Your Credit For Better Card Options

While you might be limited in your initial selection of credit cards because of your fair credit score, you can still improve your credit and standing with the company in question. If you prove that you’re a reliable risk and your credit score improves then you’ll be able to qualify for other cards and offers.

You might see your rates going down, or receive offers to upgrade your line of credit. It won’t happen overnight, and it isn’t going to be the result of paying for a few packs of gum to pad your score, but it is a path to better credit cards.