Easy To Get Credit Cards

Tired of facing rejection letters for credit cards. Here are some credit cards that are easy to get and have good rates.

Credit cards are pretty much an essential element in life. Since most things are paid for electronically, having a credit card is important. Some credit cards are difficult to obtain. Each credit card company has different requirements for lending, and some want credit scores in the high digest. So which credit card does a person apply for that guarantees they won’t be rejected?

Capital One Platinum MasterCard

Capitol One offers a variety of credit card options. They have cards for those with bad to perfect credit and everything in between. The Platinum Matercard offers great rewards. If a person has perfect credit, they will get the rewards. Don’t be discouraged, if a person has less than perfect credit, they will still be approved, just no rewards. They start the credit limits out at modest amounts, but annual fees can be as low as $19.

First Progress Secured MasterCard

Because it is a secured card, approval is given to anyone with a discharged bankruptcy and confirmed identity. The security deposit is $300 and the annual fee $29. The interest rate is 19.99%, but a person has 25 days to pay off the balance before they are charged any fees. The company works with customers and after a solid year payment history, they will move them up to an unsecured card.

Discover “It” Card

The “It” card is rather new from Discover. Those who have a limited credit history, like students, can get approval pretty easily. All purchases earn 1% cash back and those who spend up to $1,500 will get 5% back. They offer perks like no late fee on the first late payment and no annual fees. The threshold for approval is lower, but not everyone will be approved. They give a free FICO score once a month, and once a person builds credit, they can move up to some of their more prestigious cards.